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Compliance Associates, Inc. - General

General community tabletop/functional exercise objectives:
CAI provides all audio, visual and communications systems, including computer hardware and programs. Communities provide the exercise room (recommend 50 x 35 for 60 participants), electrical outlets, tables (recommend 12 - 8' x 4" minimum, chairs and of course the people. These exercises are designed to allow ALL participants to work together within a controlled environment without loss of authority, responsibilities, and/or accountability. THIS IS A TRAINING EXERCISE and not designed to test your emergency response plans. Invite fire, police, EMS, EMA, LEPC, hospital, school, highway, utility, county/city/township departments, media and local business managers, workers and employees. This exercise has been successful for all levels of experience from rookies to experienced chiefs and senior managers. This is a working exercise that allows everyone to work together. It is win-win and no one will ever be embarrassed. These exercises work best with between 35 and 65 attendees. There are no observers, everyone will be busy and it is an enjoyable and educational experience.

Establishment of command and control for the Exercise Incident presented:

  • Establish a remote command post
  • Establish communications with the railroad and other interested parties
  • Establish a unified incident command system
  • Ensure that all parties involved are informed of response plan and actions to be taken
  • Initiate and maintain incident control zones
  • Develop action plan for management of incident
  • Identify Product(s) involved
  • Determine physical and chemical characteristics
  • Perform basic risk assessment

Initiate Public Protection Actions

  • Evaluate risk of exposure to civilians (Toxicity, risk of fire, etc.)
  • Determine protective actions required
  • Evacuate or shelter-in-place, as appropriate
  • Ensure proper management of evacuees, as needed
  • Notify appropriate authorities of spilled products, as required

Initiate Control and Containment of Spilled Products

  • Dikes, dams, diversion of spilled products, containment, etc.
  • Design a Containment Plan, as appropriate

Establish a Public Information System

  • Assign a PIO
  • Control Media